Training on Confidentiality

We were invited to attend a national conference of mixed faith clergy and to train delegates on the law of confidentiality. The training course was bespoke to the organisation and provided a comprehensive understanding of the law of confidentiality and potential conflict with GDPR, and the Human Rights Act within the framework of the delegates’ professional code.

Throughout the training, delegates were invited to ask questions and discuss issues they had encountered.

At the conclusion of the session, the delegates had a greater understanding of how to overcome the challenges which they could face in the future.

Trustees’ Training

We were contacted by a trustee of a trust to provide training to twenty trustees.

We considered their trust and governance documents, and wrote a bespoke course incorporating case studies relevant to the trust.

The training was interactive and dealt with the trust’s goals, trustee’s duties at common law, statute and trustee’s fiduciary responsibilities. The training also considered factors and criteria which are required in the decision making process.

The use of bespoke case studies ensured the delegates learnt through discussion and examination of different scenarios.

At the end of the training, the trustees had a working knowledge of their duties, responsibilities, and liabilities.