All over the UK there are groups of people who have come together for a common purpose. They have formed, belong to or support an organisation with whom they have an affinity. We refer to these as Affinity Groups.

The purpose of each Affinity Group will vary. It could be an organisation representing those who have retired from a given career, a staff association, a charitable organisation, a club supporting a pastime or an organisation who lobbies on behalf of its members.

We introduce your organisation to companies and businesses (our service providers) who can provide benefits and services to your members.  We offer a wide range of services and benefits at rates and packages which cannot be found on the high street. Our service providers range from legal services, insurance to clothing, cars, gym membership and holidays.

We provide your organisation with opportunities to:

  generate extra income
  offer new benefits to your members
  improve your members’ existing benefits
  create significant cost savings for your members
  attract new members by offering incentives to join


We can also source benefits you would like to offer your members.

We do this using our experience and expertise, by:

  developing and maintaining relationships with providers of services and benefits
  introducing you to the right service providers for your organisation
  maintaining regular contact and working with you and the service providers to deliver success
  understanding your organisation and helping you to identify and develop new benefits or income


Please contact us to discuss or for more information.

Either Bernard or Suzanne will be available by phone or email to answer your queries at any time.