The day to day running of an organisation and business is often time consuming and exacting. If something out of the ordinary crops up or new legislation comes into force, it is often difficult to know who to turn to for help and advice.

At Affinity Resolutions, with our legal and commercial experience, we offer a bespoke consultancy and advisory service to assist and support you through those challenging times.

We can offer advice and support on:

  Organisational and Constitutional issues
  Boardroom disputes
  Trustees roles and responsibilities
  Data Protection and GDPR
  Legal issues

and a variety of matters which affect the smooth and efficient running of your organisation.

We will come to your premises to meet you and if you wish, your senior people so that we can fully understand your organisation, its purpose and your requirements.

Either Bernard or Suzanne will be available by phone or email to answer your queries at any time.

For more information and a general chat, please get in touch.