Every organisation knows that training in the workplace is both important and necessary. Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify the right training at a competitive price.

GDPR Training

This is an in-depth workshop on data protection which:

  • Enables a thorough understanding of Data Protection Law
  • The policies and procedures an organisation needs in order to comply with the six principles and how these policies are used to protect the data subject and the organisation.
  • The practical application of the policies and procedures in relation to the organisation.

Training will give confidence to senior management and staff to continue to take and use personal information and how to protect that information.

Confidentiality and Privacy

This is an in-depth workshop which:

  • Enables a thorough understanding of the Law of Confidentiality
  • Reviews the Law of Confidentiality and the public interest defence.
  • Looks at case studies on how confidentiality effects the organisation and how to protect against breaches.


The training is suitable for all senior management and senior staff

Affinity Resolutions

Once we have discussed with you your specific needs, we:

  • Design and deliver a bespoke programme tailored to your specific needs
  • Train at your premises
  • Charge competitive rates

How can Affinity Resolutions Help?

We understand the needs of an organisation to use an outside business. With our unique legal, practical and marketing approach we will ensure that we create for you a bespoke agreement which both meets the GDPR and allows you to carry on your business as you wish

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